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Anger in Kuwait after baby left in locked car as mother goes shopping
November 24, 2013, 1:17 pm

A mother has provoked anger and indignation in Kuwait after she left her five-month-old baby inside a locked car for one hour to do her shopping.

Shoppers who heard the baby’s cries and discovered him inside the locked car tried to rescue him but were unable to unlock the doors, local Arabic daily Al Rai reported on Sunday. The shoppers said they alerted the shopping centre’s security guards, who broke the side window.

The security staff and the shoppers remained by the car trying to calm the baby until the mother returned.

The newspaper said that on seeing the crowd, she rushed to them, concerned that something terrible had happened to her child.

When quizzed about her actions, she said that she left the baby asleep and did not think that he would wake up while she was doing her shopping.

The comments on the report condemned the mother for her “utter negligence and carelessness”.

“She is lucky I was not around as I would have really taught her one or two lessons,” one blogger wrote.

Another blogger also thought the mother was lucky “for not being arrested and sent to jail for her criminal act.”

In another comment, a blogger said that the mother did not deserve to have a child. “If she does not have anyone to help her with the baby, she should have taken him with her,” he wrote. “All mothers are proud to be seen with their babies and they usually find great pleasure in having them around, especially when they are shopping.”


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