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Anti- graft body receives 33 reports
May 20, 2015, 8:59 am

Deputy Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Public Authority Judge Riyadh Humoud Al- Hajeri disclosed that the sector received 33 reports since the executive bylaw was published in the official gazette on March 29, 2015. He urged Kuwaitis having relevant documents to take the initiative and submit them, reports a local daily. He urged citizens at the same time to consider the reputation of people and submit official documents and evidences to enable the authority to take necessary measures in that domain.

He emphasized the law ensures confidentiality and guarantees the protection of people who submit documents, if necessary, noting such a person has the right to ask for protection and discretion although the authority will agree or disagree on the request based on the importance or accuracy of the report. He further confirmed that doors are open to citizens who can easily address the authority through the relevant employees.

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