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Arab Ministers to muster int'l public opinion against Israeli policies in Jerusalem
May 26, 2016, 8:24 am

Arab Information Ministers stressed the importance of mustering the international public opinion against Israeli recent policies and actions in Jerusalem.

These actions and procedures include violations of Al-Aqsa Mosque and assaults on Islamic and Christian sanctities, ministers said in a statement Wednesday in conclusion of their 47th session in the Egyptian capital.

They urged all information ministries and media bodies in the Arab world to bolster their programs and projects in favor of Jerusalem support. The ministers also called to arrange a special week on supporting the holy city and its locals, and revealing Israeli recent attempts to judaize the city to change its historic and demographic components.

The final session also called on the Arab State Broadcasting Union (ASBU) and the Federation of Arab News Agency (FANA) to intensify their news feed on Jerusalem and Israeli atrocities in the ancient city through news exchange with European, Asian, and African countries.

Meanwhile, the session approved naming Jerusalem "the capital of Arab media 2016-17" in honor of the holy city and its special place among the hearts of Arab and Muslim countries.
It called for a wide Arab media action abroad, through forums and meetings, in order to boost the positive image of Arabs and Muslims.

The minsters also expressed their gratitude to the State of Kuwait for printing and publishing a three-volume encyclopedia book on Jerusalem, noting that such a step preserves the Arab and Islamic identities against the attempts to Judicize the holy city. They also approved establishing an Arab Media roadmap to implement the sustained development for 2030.

Source: KUNA

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