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Arab states discuss cooperation at military judiciary's level
August 27, 2014, 8:15 am

Chief judges of Arab states' military judiciaries have gathered in the Jordanian capital and have held preparatory talks ahead of the first Arab conference at this level due to open on Wednesday.

Up to 13 Arab states including Kuwait are taking part in the unprecedented event at this level.

Dr. Khaled Dhaifallah Al-Otaibi, the head of the Kuwaiti delegation, told KUNA that he would present a paper to the conferees, outlining bases of the Kuwaiti judicial military system, noting that the gathering constituted an opportunity for the participating delegations for exchanging expertise in this realm.

The conferees have already discussed various relevant legal matters during preparatory sessions, ahead of the broad conference, scheduled to be inaugurated on Wednesday, he said.

For his part, the chief judge of the Jordanian military judiciary, Dr. Mohammad Hijazi, told the Kuwaiti news agency that the conferees discuss cooperation among the Arab judicial military authorities and relevant international regulations.

The conference groups teams from Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE, Oman, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, the Palestinian Authority, Tunisia, Yemen and the Arab League.

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