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Argument on hair led student to end life
February 18, 2014, 10:13 am
A Sri Lankan student who fatally jumped out of his building in Abbassiya on Sunday morning shocked everyone after reports revealed that a dispute over his long-grown hair led to the student's death.The student known by his first name Vinod refused to cut his hair even after he got a warning from Indian Central School where he was a class 10 student. The school reportedly was about to issue a Transfer Certificate (TC) to him after several warnings and his parents had the plan of sending him back to his country, sources said.

Vinod had a firce argument with his parents over the weekend on his behavior and the behavior remarks from the school. The student was adamant to obey his parents who had asked him to go to the salon for a haircut. On Saturday night, his father, a barber by profession, took the ultimate step of cutting his son's hair while the boy was sleeping. Vinod only came to know of his makeover Sunday morning. He immediately jumped out of the building from the 6th floor while his parents were fast asleep.

Both the parents are in police custody for interrogation. Vinod's suicide coincides with an Indian student's jump to death in Dubai on Monday after her parents scolded her for cheating in the exam. Similarly, a group of 4 girls in Jordan ended their life after they were caught cheating in the exam. Teenagers' sudden acts of fury have raised questions not only on parental upbringing but the widening gap today's generation has from their parents.

By Jinku K


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