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Around 1,200 sacked in TV sector – Grievances under study
August 9, 2017, 10:05 am

Ministry of Information has terminated the services of nearly 1,200 employees who were working on special contracts in the television sector. This step is part of the ministry’s plan to enhance and develop the human resources, and help in their growth.

Speaking to the daily, Assistant Undersecretary for Planning and Development Sector Mohammad Al-Awash explained that the ministry sought the expertise of a number of employees who were working on special contracts in the television sector. However, it terminated their services in order to give the priority to the ministry’s employees.

About 1,200 employees are affected by this decision including technicians, engineers and officials in-charge of some TV programs.

Meanwhile, State Ministry for Services Affairs is in the process of listing the names of employees who submitted grievances concerning excellent performance bonuses and grades quoting a reliable source from the ministry.

He clarified that the committee assigned to study these cases will select the deserving employees after Eid Al-Adha holidays and filter out the undeserving, in accordance with the conditions and bylaws set by the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

The sources revealed that more than 80 employees from all sectors and departments had filed grievances, adding that the ministry has addressed Ministry of Finance to allocate necessary budget for providing bonuses to the complainants from the lists who are selected for receiving the same.

Source: Arab Times

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