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Around 1,628 expats arrested for breaking laws
August 30, 2015, 8:59 am

Compliant with directives from the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Sector Major General Abdul-Fattah Al-Ali, security operatives in their continuing 24-hour security surveillance and campaigns at weekend arrested 1628 male and female expatriates from various nationalities and referred them to relevant authorities pending their deportation for violating residency and labor laws, and absconding from sponsors.

Sources said security officers mounted 677 checkpoints across the country and managed to nail 39 people wanted for criminal offenses and 125 people involved in civil cases, and impounded 53 cars in cases related to betrayal of trust and theft. Meanwhile, some 44 people were caught in possession of illicit drugs and 25 others with local liquor, as the officers impounded 120 vehicles for traffic law violations and issued 109 citations for parking at spots reserved for handicaps.

Source: Arab Times

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