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Around 150,000 Arabs, Asians are staying illegally in country
August 11, 2016, 9:08 am

Around 150,000 expatriates, mostly Egyptians and Asians are currently registered as violators of the Residency law.

These expatriates come in the country on work permits and sponsored by companies and institutions but most of them are now holding expired civil ids.

This official information shows that the residency of a large number of these expatriates expired more than eight to nine years ago. A considerable percentage of them missed the chance to legalize their status the previous ministerial decision which was issued to their advantage as they were insisted on violating the law. They also failed to pay fines imposed on them to renew their residency or travel to their home country and then return no new visa.

 Reasons for not taking advantage of the grace periods to amend their status vary, as some of them do not want to return to their home countries because of military conscription, feuds, lack of money or pending court cases.

Security authorities apprehended a large number of offenders through checkpoints or campaigns. The erring expatriates move from one place to another and work in different locations, away from the eyes of security men. 

Source: Arab Times

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