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Arrested Saudis confess, warrants out on ‘Fintas’ 13
July 11, 2015, 10:23 am

Two Saudis who were arrested in Al-Khafji and Al-Taif for their involvement in the bombing of Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in Sawaber have allegedly confessed to the charges that have been filed against them, reports Al-Shahed daily.

The daily added, according to the men’s confession, they obtained the explosives material from Bahrain from one of the members of the DAESH organization.

The suspects said they took the bomb-making material to Saudi Arabia by road via the King Fahd Causeway which links Bahrain with Saudi Arabia. The explosives where then ‘knitted’ into a belt at one of the rest houses in Al- Qassim.

The men disclosed two other men — one of them a Yemeni — helped them prepare the belt. Then they put the belt in a secret compartment of an ice box and placed soft drinks cans and mineral water bottles to mislead customs officers at the Al-Nuwaiseeb border post.

After they entered Kuwait, they met Abdulrahman Sabah on a road, and handed over the belt to him. The Saudis explained they remained in Kuwait for two days at the home of their third brother until the attack on the mosque was carried out.

One of them then went to Taif while the other remained in Khafji. They also said after the bomb attack on the mosque, they remained in touch with the DAESH leaders in Syria through a Saudi, identified only as M.B.; a Kuwaiti, identified as R.J.; and an Iraqi and a Syrian, whose identities have not been disclosed.

The Public Prosecution is waiting for results of investigations into the bombing of Imam Al- Sadiq Mosque in Sawaber in Kuwait by Saudi Arabia to be briefed on the issue by the Kuwaiti delegation which has already left for the kingdom, before continuing its own investigations, reports Al-Jaridah daily quoting reliable Prosecution sources.

The same sources said the Saudi Prosecution is interrogating two brothers, Mohammed and Majid who were arrested in Taif and Khafji and charged with transporting the explosives to Kuwait from Bahrain via Saudi Arabia which the Saudi bomber used to blow himself up in a suicide attack.

The sources stressed there is ongoing cooperation between the security services of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and investigations by the Saudi security authorities may shed more light on the network involved in the attack.

The interrogations by the Saudi authorities, sources say, may disclose names of more people who may have had a hand in the smuggling of the explosives into Kuwait and more arrests may be made. The sources pointed out the information will determine the destiny of the case within the next 48 hours, whether to look for more suspects or suffice with the 28 main suspects who are already in police custody. The daily added, the Prosecution will come to the conclusion early next week after hearing the testimonies of the families of martyrs and the injured people and other reports.

Meanwhile, the sources disclosed the Prosecution has sought the help of Interpol for the arrest of Shabib Mohamed, who is believed to be holed up in Turkey, for his involvement in the bombing of the mosque in Kuwait in his capacity as one of the senior members of DAESH. It is believed he is the one who gave orders for the bombing of the mosque. A similar arrest warrant has also been issued against the second main accused Falah Nimr who is believed to be in Syria.

The Public Prosecutor has issued arrest warrants against 13 members of the so-called Fintas Group, including four members of the ruling family, two lawyers, two media men, Twitter users and well-known Kuwaitis for “endangering the security of the state and the ruling system,” reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The Public Prosecutor has also ordered the search and arrest warrant against the so-called WhatsApp Group and those who assisted this group after their involvement in a plot to target the country’s security based on documents submitted by the Ministry of Interior against them.

According to reliable sources the Public Prosecutor will soon hand over the case to the Interpol to arrest and bring to justice those who are outside the country for investigation of the charges against them in the case. The sources said there are four main accused in the case (two of them assistants).

The Attorney General about a month ago had issued a travel ban against the 13 suspects until completion of investigation into the case. Kuwaiti government will soon issue a decree to increase the duration of provisional detention of suspects held for investigations as necessitated by the recent terrorist incident, which is unusual in the framework of investigation, reports Al-Nahar daily quoting an informed source.

He explained that investigating terrorist actions requires longer period to conclude because of the need to gather massive security information. The source insisted that quick release of terror suspects could make them cover some loopholes, revealing that the government has not decided on a particular direction to follow in the issuance of the decree due to its link with the GCC security pact.

The file of the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque bomb blast which was supposed to be referred to the Criminal Court Thursday, has been postponed for one week following the unfolding of events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia — the arrest of two Saudi brothers in — one in Khafji and the other in Taif, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting high level judicial sources.

The brothers are involved in carrying the explosives from Bahrain to Kuwait via Saudi Arabia hidden into an icebox. The sources said the Prosecution is awaiting the results of interrogations with the suspects in Saudi Arabia and used their confessions as supporting evidence during the trial of the suspects in Kuwait.

Source: Arab Times

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