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Article 18 and 22 among expatriates caught begging on streets
June 13, 2016, 8:26 am

The Ministry of Interior is seriously planning to deport the sponsors of those who were recently caught begging for alms taking advantage of the holy month of Ramadan.

Particularly the sponsors who got the residency permit for their dependents under Article 22.

In line with the continuous efforts of the Interior Ministry to stop begging during Ramadan, the Public Relations and Security Media Department announced that the Farwaniya Security Command and Capital Security Command arrested several beggars.

The department confirmed that all those arrested were referred to the Criminal Investigation Department for legal action, while their sponsors were summoned for questioning.

The department added that the ministry will refer the beggars to the Deportation Center and their sponsors will bear the legal responsibility.

The Public Relations and Security Media Department in the Ministry of Interior has affirmed that all the arrested beggars will be held responsible for the consequences of luring their children into the act whose implication is unpleasant.

In a press statement, the department clarified that publishing the pictures of beggars is not aimed at demeaning them but rather to warn others against getting involved in such an act which has become a regular phenomenon in the past few years. It has been observed that begging becomes rampant during religious festivals, especially Ramadan.

The department pointed out the action is a stain on the image of Kuwait which is well-known for social cohesion and empathy while citizens are willing to offer charity through legitimate channels.

The department disclosed some expatriates and their sponsors have been ignoring repeated warnings that the authority will not spare anybody caught in the act of begging. Whoever is arrested for begging will be deported immediately, while their sponsors will be denied the right of sponsoring anybody again. Publishing pictures of children alongside their beggar parents is enough to deter others who might be planning to engage in the same activity, the department added.

Source: Arab Times

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