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Artist Bose Krishnamachary in Kuwait
May 23, 2014, 9:42 pm

Bose Krishnamachary, the artistic director of India's first art biennale - the interactive festival that freed paintings from the wall, is in Kuwait to take part in the iArt Indian Art Exhibition at the Avenues Mall from Sunday May 25 until Wednesday May 28. The globetrotting artist Bose, who is one of the chiefs behind the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2012, is visiting Kuwait for the first time. The next Indian Biennale is scheduled to begin on 12-12-14. Though it has a new curator, Jitish Kallat, Bose, usually a relaxed man cannot
put his busy brush - and mind down.

The 4-day art exhibition at the Avenues, titled 'Art for Peace', is featuring 200 semi-abstract paintings by 50 various Indian artists,
many of whom are celebrities in India. "The 200-peace themed art works on display are meticulously chosen respecting the culture and tradition of Kuwait in particular and of the world heritage in general," said MV John, the chief organizer of the event.

Excerpts from a talk with Bose

Lack of expertise
India doesn't have the right expertise to promote art and related events. China, in 2011, opened 390 museums - something extraordinary in that country. India boasts of its culture, history et al but does not seem to have enough art museums or curators. There are permanent buildings for Venice Biennale. We still lack the basic infrastructure. It took 7 years to materialize our first biennale after our initial discussion with the government officials in 2005.

Art and its economic impacts

Google Art Project now has the virtual tour of Kochi-Muziris Biennale,2012. There have been 17 million hits on that event. In a study
conducted by KPMG on the economic impacts of cultural festivals the Indian biennale has positive spin-offs.  Art appreciation courses,
discussions, and centers that host them, like Café Papaya, Kochi, are among the ripple effects of our art fest. People on the street call me biennale! Curator Suman Gopinath told me when she went to Sharjah Biennial, the taxi driver asked her 'Did you go to Kochi Biennale?'


Korea Biennale cost is 13 million US dollars. Kochi is comparatively cheaper. But some of our media people cannot digest money spending on art. More painful was when these allegations came from my Mumbai journalist friend. But I brush all that aside. They have shown their colors. Now people have taken up the art festival, in its true colors!

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