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Asian woman jumps from car to foil abduction
February 8, 2017, 9:00 am

An Asian woman managed to jump out of a moving car after she was kidnapped by an unknown Asian expatriate in Riqqa area.

According to security sources, the victim was standing by a road in Riqqa area waiting for a taxi to go to Hassawi area when an unknown individual stopped his vehicle in front of her and agreed to drop her to Hassawi area for lesser cost.

She entered the vehicle but when she noticed him heading to a different area with the aim of kidnapping her, she jumped out of the moving car, sustaining injuries. After receiving treatment from a hospital and obtaining a medical report, she went to the nearest police station and filed a case against the suspect.

Using the information provided by the victim, securitymen have launched investigations to find and arrest the suspect.

Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti citizen reported his 25-year old daughter as missing at South Surra Police Station. Securitymen have launched investigations to find the missing woman.

Source: Arab Times

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