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Assurance on DNA sampling
September 19, 2016, 8:37 am

Ministry of Interior has assured all citizens, expatriates and visitors to Kuwait that the DNA law will not violate or affect their personal freedom and privacy, insisting that the aim of the law is to establish an integrated database for the government to prepare its plans.

Sources from the ministry denied the reports published in local and American newspapers which claimed that the law will affect personal freedom.

They explained that the law has nothing to do with dualcitizenship or genealogy issues but is aimed to create a database for serving the plans of the state.

The law will also serve in maintaining security and identifying criminals and unknown corpses with the permission of the Public Prosecution. The sources denied that there are any social or personal agendas behind the implementation of the law.

In response to a question concerning the possibility that the samples can be stolen as happened in Italy, the sources stressed that the samples will be in safe locations and can never be accessed without a judiciary request. They said Ministry of Interior is an executive body but the issuance or cancellation of the law is in the hands of the parliament and the government.

Source: Arab Times

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