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Australian Ambassador lauds ties with Kuwait
April 28, 2016, 5:37 pm

Kuwait and Australia have a strong relationship in all areas, especially since Australia involvement in the liberation of Kuwait back in 1991, said Australian Ambassador to Kuwait Warren Hauck on Thursday.

The two countries have a lot of cooperation, especially in military, where they are both partner in fighting terrorism in the Middle East area, as they both participated in meetings that Kuwait hosted on coalition to fight the so-called Islamic State (IS), the ambassador told KUNA.

Kuwait and Australia have a lot of engagements, mostly military and humanitarian, as Australia is a big supporter for the humanitarian efforts in the region, especially with the situations in Syria and Iraq, he said.

"It's pleasing to see the increasing number of Kuwaiti student in Australia. Ten years ago, the number was 180, but last year it was about 1,400, a very good growth that reflects the strength of the education system in Australia, which is at the top of the world standard," he added.

In trade, "Kuwait has always been a good market as the trade with Australia came to about USD 700 million. Kuwait for us is the largest market in the world for livestock and wheat trade," and for a number of years it has been a large market for car exports, where Australia have much more to offer.

"Australia is looking forward for free trade agreement with Kuwait and GCC," he said Kuwait investment in Australia now worth about USD 12 billion, which makes Kuwait one of the top 20 investors in Australia, he added.

About the Governor-General official visit to Kuwait on May 1st, the ambassador said that the last state visit to Kuwait with this capacity was in 2011.
The governor's visit will focus on education and business, as well as defence links between the two countries, as it coincides with the 25th anniversary of liberation of Kuwait. 

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