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Authorities ‘accomplish’ paper transactions for illegal residents
April 12, 2015, 11:00 am

Authorities accomplished 2,638 paper transactions for illegal residents over the past three months, said the Central Agency for Remedying Illegal Residents’ Status on Saturday.

The works were for 4,107 individuals of this social segment. Up to 1,296 transactions involved the Ministry of Health, for 1,956 individuals, said Abdullah Al-Farhan, the information director of the central apparatus. The apparatus addressed 702 papers to the documents department at the Ministry of Justice, concerning 973 illegal residents, in addition to 251 others to the Ministry of Interior, for 286 individuals.

Up to 71 documents were sent to Zakat House, for 80 persons of this segment, 158 to the family affiliation libel suits committee, said Al-Farhan, also noting other works within this framework, such as correcting names of 328 residents, with 78 documents addressed to the Public Authority for Civil Information, concerning 97 individuals, 17 to the Ministry of Defense, for 310 such residents, and 65 papers to other authorities for 77 residents. Number of illegal residents, whose cases were examined and accredited by the Civil Service Commission, amounted to 195.

Al-Farhan called on illegal residents of academic degrees, qualified for employment in the public sector, to update their data at the central apparatus. The authority provides punctual paper services for the country’s illegal residents, through a modern data electronic network.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor has instructed some cooperative societies to get rid of extra employees as soon as possible and submit detailed reports on the payment of allowances to their board members. According to sources, the ministry also asked the cooperative societies that incurred losses and those with budget deficits to reduce their expenses and study their activities to reschedule their annual sale promotions.

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