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Authorities crackdown on crime
May 26, 2015, 9:55 am

In their continuing efforts to pursue individuals possessing unlicensed weapons and those involved in theft and illicit drugs, officers from the criminal security sector have arrested a Syrian expatriate against whom four years jail sentence was issued in absentia for liquor and drug related offenses, with a Jordanian national who’s dodging a jail term. They were referred to concerned authorities for necessary action, says an Interior Ministry press release.

Meanwhile, security officers from the Capital arrested a Kuwaiti citizen (former employee of the Interior Ministry) for possessing heroin. Security sources said the citizen aroused suspicion of a patrol team and he was asked to pull up for checking. It was then they discovered the Interior Ministry had ended his services due to illicit drug use and theft. The officers went ahead and conducted a search on him and found two small sachets of heroin. He was referred to concerned authority. In a related issue, officer from the Capital apprehended another citizen for holding an unlicensed weapon.

They checked his details and found out he was avoiding three years imprisonment sentence on money related offenses, theft and abuse of securitymen. The suspect is believed to have waylaid Asian expatriates and threatened them at gun point to rob them of their possessions, including money. And, Hawalli securitymen nabbed a Kuwaiti lady for robbing her female compatriot at a cooperative society in the area. The suspect confessed to the crime and also admitted perpetrating similar thefts in commercial complexes and cooperative societies across the governorates. She was referred to concerned authorities for necessary action.

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