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Authority declares new private university not prepared
December 14, 2014, 8:47 am
Private Universities Council during the inspection visit.

The Private Universities Council has turned down a request by the planned private "university for medical sciences" to inaugurate the university in the coming academic year due to failure to meet required standards.

Dr. Walid Al-Kanderi, the assistant secretary general at the council secretariat general, said in a statement to KUNA that the planned university had turned down an inspection visit by the council technical committee to the university building to check safety conditions at the premises.

However, the committee members went to the site and examined the building, but determined existence of insufficient security and safety specifications, for the building had been constructed at a low-level plot of land surrounded by high sandy grounds, thus it would sure be swamped with water in the event of heavy rains.

From an academic point of view, the university has far not enrolled any member in the teaching board, has not installed some equipment, the laboratory and the medical clinic. Therefore, Al-Kanderi declared that the new university would not open in the next academic year due to lack of preparedness.

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