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Authority prepares labor tests
June 1, 2016, 11:05 am

Acting Director of the Manpower Public Authority (MPA) Ahmad Al-Mousa said the authority’s organizational structure was modified by creating a fourth sector for planning and evaluating professional skills, to join the three current sectors – recruitment and employment, manpower protection and human resources.

Mousa said that following the Cabinet’s decision to move the center of approving skill levels from the Cabinet to MPA, the new sector was created. He said this sector activates the role of approving foreign skill levels in the countries that send workers, so that “we will be able to bring skilled technical workers that will help the marketplace and not be a burden on it”.

He said with regards to activating the center’s roles, “we are in the stage of preparing the standards and test questions of professions. The start will be with three countries as a trial – India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.”

Source: Al-Jarida


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