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Auto-track on 128,897 illegals
May 11, 2015, 8:38 am

 Around 128,897 expatriates have violated the Residency Law as per the records of the General Immigration Investigation Department at the Ministry of Interior, reports a local daily quoting sources. Sources confirmed the automated tracking system will be re-activated soon to identify the locations of these expatriates and take the necessary procedures against them in accordance with the law.

Sources pointed out that 80 percent of the erring expatriates will be located through the automated tracking system while 20 percent will be through field inspections. Meanwhile, sources revealed the government intends to reconsider the conditions for hiring foreign workers in terms of their qualifications and work experience.

Sources explained this came after the release of a statistical report showing that 70 percent of the total expatriate workforce have low educational level. Sources added the absence of clear standards for the recruitment of foreign workers is considered a stumbling block to national development efforts as it negatively affects the productivity level.

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