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Awadhi slams Indian Embassy’s KD 700 deposit demand
November 23, 2014, 9:06 am

MP Kamel Al-Awadhi said that he had received many complaints from citizens concerning the bank warranty imposed by the Indian Embassy as insurance for its subjects’ rights if citizens wanted to bring Indian domestic helper to Kuwait.

“This warranty is legally unjustifiable, especially since a KD 20,000 surety had been imposed on all domestic labor offices when I was head of the immigration department,” he stressed, noting that some citizens could not afford such warranties. “Why do we always have to assume that problems are caused by Kuwaiti citizens? What if the workers abscond or do not fulfill their job duties?” he wondered, noting that laborers’ rights were protected by Kuwaiti laws.

Residency laws
The parliamentary legislative committee’s meeting agenda today includes four proposals concerning amending laws on expatriates’ residency in Kuwait. The proposals include to limit the residency to five years only, limiting expats’ ratio in the population, imposing these ratios retroactively or granting expats more privileges, Al-Jarida reported yesterday.

One of the four proposals, made by MP Abdullah Al-Tamimi, suggests limiting the residency of expats working in menial jobs to non-renewable five years. He also suggests that the total number of any given expat community should not exceed 10 percent of the total population. Tamimi excluded GCC nationals, Europeans and Americans, advisors, doctors, people with rare specialties and those with higher degrees from accredited universities from the proposal.

Tamimi also suggested imposing the new amendment retroactively and, thus, cancelling the residency of those who had been in Kuwait for five years three months after the law is put into practice.

On his part, MP Nabil Al-Fadhl suggested granting more privileges to expats, such as waiving the order that renders an expat’s residency annulled should he or she remain abroad for over six months – provided that the residency is still valid. He also suggested granting renewable residency to expats who have children residing in Kuwait with valid residency visas and to those with a parent holding valid residency in the country.

Another proposal suggests granting expats a five year residency visas provided their passports remain valid. It also calls for cancelling visas unless expats apply for renewal a month before expiry.

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