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BSK celebrates Kuwait National and Liberation Days
March 8, 2018, 3:30 pm

The British School of Kuwait (BSK) takes pride in the diversity of the community it serves and joins with students, parents and teachers in celebrating this wealth of cultures and customs at various times through the year.

With Kuwait’s National Day being observed on 25 February, students from both the Lower and Junior phases at BSK contributed to a golden performance in celebration of Kuwaiti culture. Under the expert tutelage of Arabic Coordinator Miss Heba, students displayed all their mercurial talents through dance, song and unrivaled high spirits.

What a treat the school had prepared for the assembled throngs; a fabulous setting arranged by BSK's Arabic team. Within the grand setting of BSK’s Marble Arch there was an old-time souq, a diwaniya, a Welcome Garden featuring classic Kuwaiti architecture and a traditional coffee shop. Guests enjoyed the selection of dates and other Kuwaiti delicacies.

The audience, of over 300, was enthralled as students from Reception to Year 5 sang and performed in the traditional Kuwaiti manner, including poetry recitals and excellent compering by an able body of young Kuwaiti students. Clapping and singing resounded in the hall as Kuwaiti and expatriate alike celebrated.

In its 40th year, the Ruby year, BSK is pleased to be leading the way in ensuring that families, no matter what their nationality, learn about the richness of the traditions of Kuwait. While BSK is already renowned in the Arabian Gulf for delivering the ‘Best of British’, let it be clearly understood that the school also cares deeply for its generous host country.

Congratulations to Miss Heba and her team, parents and students of the British School of Kuwait.

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