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Bag with drug pills tied to pigeon
May 23, 2017, 8:52 am
Drug pills seen attached to the bird.

Custom officers at the Abdali border outlet thwarted an attempt by drug trafficker(s) to smuggle narcotics into the country by personally hunting down the pigeon used in the sophisticated smuggling activity.

A security source said inspectors at the border outlet noticed a pigeon perching on a heavy duty vehicle, which tried to move from one place to another with difficulty. Upon close watch, the officers discovered a bag had been tied to the bird and secured with a safety belt. They managed to hunt down the pigeon and recovered 168 narcotic pills. The bird along with the contraband has since been referred to relevant authorities to determine the owner.

Meanwhile, officers from air custom unit recovered 91,000 narcotic pills dispatched from an undisclosed Arab country. The contraband had been carefully hidden inside three parcels. They were referred to concerned authorities along with the recipient.

Source: Arab Times

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