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Bangladeshi Man forging, selling passports arrested
May 19, 2015, 9:58 am

A Bangladeshi man who forged and ‘loaned’ passports to law violators was arrested. The suspect, Amidi Miyah, facilitated the arrival and departure of Bangladeshis to and from Kuwait without going through the fingerprint process. He started his forgery business eight years ago and may have entered Kuwait with a forged passport as well. A security source said detectives received information about a Bangladeshi man forging passports, so a team was formed and they investigated the suspect’s activities.

The team found that the suspect takes advantage of a compatriot’s need for money, gives the desperate person KD 300 and takes his passport as collateral. He then used it for illegal activities. Investigations showed that Miyah removed the original picture on the passport and placed the photo of another person wanting to leave Kuwait. He made him sign a blank promissory note, and as soon as he arrived in Bangladesh, the person headed to Miyah’s partner there and returned the passport, which was then given to another person wishing to enter Kuwait without undergoing the fingerprint process.

The new arrival, upon entering Kuwait, went to Miyah to return the passport, who put the photo of the original owner back. Detectives arrested him and are asking him to identify those who left Kuwait, as they are wanted.

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