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Bangladeshi helping people get cars passed for cash held
April 15, 2015, 8:30 am

An unidentified Bangladeshi working at the Vehicles Testing Technical Center affiliated to the General Traffic Department of the Ministry of Interior has been taken into custody for violating the labor law, reports a local daily.

According to security sources an unidentified senior officer was on a round checking the work progress at the Center and saw the Bangladeshi carrying a box of seals. The officer confronted the worker and when he checked his ID, he discovered he is on the sponsorship of a private company and during interrogation he said he has been distributing the seals to inspectors over a period of time.

The officer also discovered the Bangladeshi was helping expatriates get their vehicles passed in return for money. When he checked the man’s cell phone, he discovered he had received more than 20 calls from people in just one hour, allegedly requesting his ‘service’.


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