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Bank document forgers arrested
May 19, 2016, 8:49 am

Capital Criminal Department uncovered a network of Egyptian and Lebanese nationals that forged bank documents to obtain loans and also provided sureties to unqualified loan seekers.

Investigations revealed that one of the suspects was in possession of fake stamps of various private companies and government institutions and fake stamps for cooperative societies, which the network used in forging salary and extra income certificates for people exceeding the maximum loan ceiling their salary allows them who still wanted to take new loans from local banks.

Investigators noted the suspects also possessed fake stamps for various branches of some local banks, which they used in manipulating the salary certificates of clients to help them receive more loans.

Security sources said one of the accused (Egyptian) uses computer in conducting the illegal activity, and for each transaction completed, he received KD 500 to KD700. He was also found with 50 different stamps and two laptops, four printers and printing papers, several transactions yet to be completed, and a sum of KD 1,000 from one of his clients.

The sources indicated detectives from the Capital Criminal Department revealed that the Egyptian confessed he requested the Lebanese to forge each stamp for KD 50.

Source: Arab Times

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