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Bank manager tries to flee after stealing KD 700000 – Suspect extradited from Egypt
February 21, 2015, 8:33 am

A security source said that Kuwait has repatriated a Kuwaiti citizen from Egypt who worked as a bank manager, after she fled Kuwait when an embezzlement of KD 700,000 from customer accounts was discovered. The source said the woman decided to escape after she was busted, traveling to Dubai, then Cairo on her way to Britain.

The source said the manager embezzled from customers’ accounts who deposited money in raffle draw accounts as well as dormant ones. Most withdrawals were from the account of an expat businessman, taking advantage of handling his account. The bank discovered her acts when a customer complained about the loss of money from his account. The bank then checked the accounts of other customers, and filed a complaint with the prosecution. Criminal detectives and Interpol traced her to Egypt, from where she was extradited to Kuwait and confessed.


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