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Banning of Filipino house helpers in Kuwait not a solution to problems
May 6, 2017, 3:55 pm

'The mistake of one recruitment agency can never mirror the rest and results can never be collective'

 “Banning the deployment of Filipino house helpers in Kuwait is never a solution to existing problems,” stressed Ahmer Mahammed, Owner of Afshar Recruitment Agency in Kuwait. The statement released to the media was supported by owners and administrators and secretaries of different recruitment agencies in Kuwait and Philippines. Mahammed appeals to Philippine Secretary of Labor Silvestre Bello III after a TV interview was aired where Bello was quoted saying that Kuwait deployment of Filipino house helpers face numerous problems and that a moratorium is being considered for implementation.

In an interview with Mahammed, he mentioned that deployment of Filipino house helpers in Kuwait has evolved drastically in the past months in response to the numerous cases filed by the workers against their employers. “Kuwait is never inattentive to the needs or problems faced by the house helpers in Kuwait regardless of the nationalities. The strict implementations of rules and regulations and in processing documents from hiring in the Philippines to deployment in Kuwait have also been visible as experienced by the agencies and this is not just a good sign but a clear manifestation that Kuwait is cooperating and that the agencies are willing to work together with the embassy and the Philippine government,” commented Mahammed.

Furthermore, Mahammed added that the solutions to the current problems cannot be resolved nor addressed in one day and that constant communications, dialogues and mutual interest and understanding are essential to come up with resolutions for strict implementations.

Mahammed pointed out, “The mistake of one recruitment agency can never mirror the rest and any drastic decision is unfair to those who have their businesses established for years and abided with procedures required by the law and the government. Agencies violating the rules must not and can never be allowed to deploy again if they want this labor sector cleaned up”.

Mahmamed also stated that the policy has never changed among recruitment agencies and that the policy is to render full support to their deployed workers from their departure from Philippines until they finish their contracts and cooperate in full with the Philippine Labor office in Kuwait. “I implore the Honorable Philippine Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III to not rush in making these decisions such as implementing the moratorium and take full considerations and adequate time to hold dialogues among concerned government agencies both in Kuwait and Philippines. “The recruitment agencies recently came together to raise funds for  a Filipina who died due to severe physical injury inflicted by the employer, and this shows how much we are concerned of their welfare and safety,” added Mahammed.

On the other side, Jones Garcia, President of Filipino Association of Secretaries of Recruitment Agencies in Kuwait (FILASEAK) cleared the media issues regarding several accusations that the agencies fail to look after the concerns of house helpers deployed in Kuwait. Garcia stated that the agencies are always upfront to provide assistance and help to women not only in the shelter but those deployed in households. “The agencies which have so called “runaway” workers and are in the shelter are obliged if not mandated to look after their welfare. Personal needs are provided for and in some cases even monetary claims of which the employers fail and refuse to pay, agencies take all these responsibilities. The agencies also provide tickets for these workers when the Philippine and Kuwait governments fail to provide airline tickets, so the responsibility lies solely on the agencies,” stated Garcia.

He also said that in several cases even pocket money for the workers are provided for by the agencies. Garcia also commented on the comment of the Philippine Labor Secretary as to the banning of house helpers in Kuwait.

“We are left with no choice should they implement the moratorium but let me ask them in return, what other options of livelihood can they give to these workers? Is the government equipped with jobs for these people? Working abroad is an option and never a need, they can choose to stay home and find jobs or work abroad as simple as that, but there are rules and regulations on hosts’ countries and we all must show respect. Filipinos looking to work abroad must think several times before applying for jobs,” Garcia ended in conclusion. 

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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