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Banquets... Traditional tool long used to lure voters
November 12, 2016, 8:13 am

Banquets have long been credited as an impressive approach that can affect people, and consequently an election tool candidates employ to lure voters to their side.

Still they constitute a chief temptation, which many candidates for the Kuwaiti National Assembly (parliament) elections, slated for November 26, follow to manifest hospitality, and also win more supporters.

A major popular dish that has been offered in such occasions for years is 'Mufattah' (well-cooked sheep or camel meat, highly spiced, offered on rice in a huge dish).

A host of other dishes are also served to meet different tastes of the guests.
As the date for the poll is approaching, livestock sales in certain constituencies have been on the rise. This has been "relative" in other constituencies where mostly modern Arab and Western dishes are served in luxurious buffets.

Source: KUNA

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