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Barrak’s trial adjourned to October 20
September 1, 2014, 4:16 pm
The July 7 file photo shows, supporters carry opposition leader Musallam Al-Barrak on their shoulders after he was freed on bail

Charges include insulting Supreme Judiciary Council

A court in Kuwait on Monday postponed the trial of former lawmaker Musallam Al Barrak to October 20.

Al Barrak was standing trial on charges of insulting the Kuwaiti legal system and abusing the head of the Supreme Judiciary Council, Faisal Al Murshid, at a public rally in Kuwait City on June 10.

A court on July 7 allowed Al Barrak to go home after paying a KD5,000 bail, pending the trial.

Al Barrak, a leading opposition figure who had recently waded into several controversies over statements made at public rallies, said that he did not recognise Al Murshid who filed the official complaint against him as the head of the council.

He argued that there is no legal ground for the case against him because Al Murshid is no longer the head of the Council and that the trial should be abolished.

In his speech, Al Barrak launched scathing attacks against several officials and people over alleged corruption practices.

The Supreme Judiciary Council refused all the charges and accused Al Barrak of disrespect for judges and of dragging the council into political standoffs.

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