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Basmati rice grown in Kuwait for first time
August 26, 2015, 3:32 pm
A Kuwaiti farmer, Yusuf Swilem Al-Kribani, has managed to grow basmati rice in Kuwait for the first time. Despite hard conditions, he grew the Indian basmati on his farm in Al-Wafra area. Eventual success has capped many failure attempts, Al-Kribani said on Wednesday.
He added that basmati needs a soil capable of holding water for longer periods such as heavy neutral soils ( clay, clay loam and loamy), and to be overwhelmed by water, so Al-Kribani used closed cultivation basins with no holes. He pointed to other personal attempts to produce black tomatoes and white strawberry. This is a message that Kuwait is able to grow most crops, he emphasized. 
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