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Below categories are exempted from obtaining a driver’s license
August 6, 2014, 4:17 pm

Drivers for public bodies and companies, domestic servants, doctors, pharmacists, advisors, judges, experts, public prosecutors, lawyers, University and college professors, teachers, social workers, laboratory operators, engineers, foreign women married to Kuwaiti men, foreign divorcees, widows of Kuwaiti men, foreign husbands, children of Kuwaiti women, mosque imams, prayer callers, teachers of Holy Quran, librarians working in government authorities, journalists, nursing staff, x-ray technicians, managers and graduate accountants, professionals sports players and coaches, pilots, air-stewards and air-hostesses, students, graduate computer programmers, undertakers and those in-charge of burials, housewives with children or housewives with husbands earning more than KD 400 a month.

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