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Best trends to try
August 26, 2018, 12:56 pm

With so many exciting trends tempting women, it can be hard to procure all of the latest offerings. So how do you keep up with the trends without spending too much? The key is to add one or two key pieces into your daily wardrobe that clearly say I’m au courant with this trend instead of attempting to kit yourself out from head to toe. Here are some ways to incorporate the trends.

Opt for animal print accessories:  From zebra to leopard and faux snakeskin—animal print is one of the easiest trends to add to your wardrobe. The easiest and most affordable way to add it into your outfit is with an accessory—think trendy snakeskin shoes or a cool clutch. Looking to make a colorful statement? Go for show-stopping boots. Looking for a more subtle approach to animal print? Try a snakeskin bag. Every girl needs at least one cheetah-print belt for it can be styled with most—if not all—of the pieces in your closet.

Statement earrings:  Go big or go home, add some jazz to your outfits with the plethora of glitzy and uniquely shaped earrings. Opt for a single statement earring, artsy mismatched danglers, or glitzy chandelier earrings.

You have the choice of tassels, fruit motifs, and cool, geometric shapes, but if you truly want something that will see you through years to come, make sure to choose an option that'll transcend trends. Whether that's buying earrings in a neutral metal (i.e., gold and silver vs. rose gold), with classic stone embellishments, or even going for foolproof hoops, look for something that feels like it would match your past, present, and future wardrobe.

Choose a plaid skirt: The check print is back in all shapes, sizes, and colors this season. Instead of spending your paycheck on a full plaid suit or coat, opt for a versatile heritage print skirt that you can wear with any staple top from day to night.  The versatility of the skirt ensures you can mesh it with your style. Pick a plaid skirt with a preppy school-uniform vibe or you can go for the bad-girl look of a tartan mini. Skirt suits are also seeing a comeback lately, so a businesslike plaid paired with a matching statement-shoulder jacket is an of-the-moment choice.

Yellow: Bright sunshine, lemon, mustard - name a shade of yellow and it has appeared on snakeskin, satin, floral chiffon, lace and beading. It is very easy to introduce yellow into outfits while looking comfortable. You can turn the tricky color into a platform to show off your fun side. Also, use the color to show off your sporty side, racing stripes tick off the trendy hue and also nod towards the athleisure trend. A simple tee with a single horizontal yellow stripe would work, as would trousers with a single line running down the outer edge.

Step into the trend with a hint of yellow on your ensemble, like barely-there yellows are paired with cream and whites, a chic antique feel is created. 

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