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Bid to evict singles from family homes is on track
December 27, 2014, 8:29 am

Deputy Director General for Planning and Infrastructure Eng Ahmad Al-Manfouhi says the team responsible for dealing with the phenomenon of bachelors living in residential buildings allotted for families has approved the first phase of the allotted plan, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The decision was taken during a meeting Eng Al-Manfouhi headed in the presence of Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs Major General Abdul Fattah Al-Ali and several other senior officials from relevant ministries.

He lamented that the phenomenon has increased drastically in the last few years, stressing that this problem constitutes serious dangers to the population of Kuwait from social and religious perspectives.

Eng Al-Manfouhi revealed that the failure to combat the issue long ago was due to the lackluster attitudes of the concerned ministries and legal obstacles that prevented officials from Municipal Council from entering some places. He clarified that the officials would have violated Law 25/1992 by entering into the premises to search for bachelors who live in residential areas without obtaining necessary legal permission.

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