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Bid to receive ‘grants’ – Number of attendance days for teachers hiked
April 23, 2017, 8:34 am

The Ministry of Education has increased the required number of attendance days per year for teachers to receive the excellent performance allowance from 130 to 150, while that of the administrative employees increased from 150 to 180 days per year.

This came after the issuance of a decision defining conditions for receiving excellent performance allowance for employees at the Ministry Diwan, relevant departments, central directorates and educational districts. It is in line with the directive of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and the specified number of days does not include breaks from work, suspension or days off.

For employees referred to the Legal Department, a decision on whether they deserve the allowance or not during the period of investigation will be taken so the Finance Department will put the allowance on hold for two months for those who submit complaints and six months for those referred for investigation.

The decision allows employees excluded from the list of those who will receive the allowance to file a complaint only through the ministry’s website within 60 days after the official announcement of beneficiaries.

The decision does not allow an employee to combine two excellent performance allowances at the same time, indicating an employee should complete two years in service at the ministry or in any other official body as transferred or delegated employee.

This condition applies to teachers and administrative employees in schools and educational institutions who were appointed before 18 September, 2015 as well as employees in the Ministry Diwan, relevant departments, central directorates, public directorates and educational districts who were appointed before 1 January, 2015.

Source: Arab Times

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