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Biggest mosque in northern Germany built by Kuwaiti donation
March 29, 2016, 8:30 am
Head of the youth committee at Al-Noor Mosque and Society Ali Khalid during the Islamic conference.

Al-Noor Mosque in Hamburg, built by a Kuwaiti donation, has been completed to be the biggest in northern Germany, it was announced on Monday.

Head of the youth committee at Al-Noor Mosque and Society Ali Khalid addressed an Islamic conference today commending Kuwait's leading role for building the Muslim house of worship as well as organizing today's event. The country also offers moral and financial support to those in charge of the mosque and the society.

Khalid appreciated the Kuwaiti embassy's participation in the conference, represented by Second Secretary Mashari Saleh Al-Muzaini, commissioned by ambassador Monther Bader Al-Issa.

The conference is themed "Islam unites us", and is held for the fifth year in a row. The embassy's backing to the event reflects Kuwait's keenness on manifesting the true image of Islam, and support to Islamic charity projects.

The conference organized by Al-Noor Mosque calls for unity among Muslims in Germany, and the neighboring Deutsch-speaking countries. Participants will address problems of the Muslim communities and a host of issues on Islam existence in these countries, highlighting the religion's moderation.

One other goal is to activate youth participation in social activities, developing a moderate Islamic dialogue in German to reveal the bright image of the religion and serve as a reference for researchers. Kuwait offered USD 1.5 million for building the mosque.

Source: KUNA

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