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Bill allows domestics transfer in 2 years with same sponsor
February 3, 2015, 8:29 am

The Health and Labor Affairs Committee has finalized deliberations on 46 of the 73 articles of the Domestic Workers Bill. Speaking to reporters after the committee meeting Monday, Rapporteur MP Saadoun Hammad Al-Otaibi revealed the remaining articles will be discussed on Thursday. He said the bill allows domestic workers to transfer to another sponsor after two years of working for the current sponsor.

He affirmed the committee took into consideration the significant comments of the government regarding the bill, but the time was not enough to discuss all the articles. He added the government also presented its views on the preamble, details and articles of the bill; as well as the amendments to the explanatory note.

In another development, MP Abdurahman Al-Jeeran has presented a draft bill to amend law number 35/1965 on the election of Parliament members in order to protect the legislative institution from lawmakers suspected of wrongdoing or those with criminal records.

He said Article Two of the law states that anyone convicted of betrayal, moral turpitude or dishonesty should be deprived of his right to run in the elections until he is rehabilitated. He proposed to add the following clause to this article: “If the offense is repeated and the concerned lawmaker is convicted of felony or moral turpitude, he will be rehabilitated 15 years after carrying out the sentence or issuance of pardon.”



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