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Biography on Hussain Marafie released
March 8, 2015, 10:28 am

Struggles, a book on the life and times of Abdul Hussain Mohammed Rafie Husain Marafie (1935-2012), was released by his brother Abdul Ilah Marafie at a press meet held at the Marine Museum in the Radisson Blu Hotel last week.

The book, which is a tribute to Hussain Marafie by his brother Abdul Ilah Marafie, traces the struggles and successes of Abu Ali, as Husain Marafie was fondly known. The book has several messages from Kuwait’s leaders and traces the Marafie family tree and their role in the development of Kuwait. The book also details Abu Ali’s life in the context of the many changes Kuwait has witnessed both before and after the discovery of oil.

Speaking to the press Abdul Ilah Marafie praised the role of his late elder brother for his contribution to the scientific and historical heritage of Kuwait. He said Abu Ali was known for his love of charity and helping the poor and needy, as well as establishing several charity projects.

Among the many accomplishments of Hussein Marafie was the construction of Al Hashemi II, officially recognised by Guinness World Records as the largest wooden Arabic Dhow. The ship took him and his team 15 years to complete.

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