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Blackout case referred to prosecution: Minister
March 16, 2015, 9:09 am

The final investigations report on the causes of a massive blackout that hit Kuwait last month was submitted to the cabinet and parliament, Minister of Electricity and Water and Minister of Public Works Abdulaziz Al-Ibrahim said. “Investigations showed that dereliction was detected in maintaining the 400 kilovolt grid,” he underlined.

“The case was referred to the public prosecutor to hold those responsible accountable.” Ibrahim said.  He stressed that the plant was one of the biggest power transfer plants in Kuwait, and will soon be connected to other plants around Kuwait.

“The plant would start receiving 230 megawatts by the end of July,” Ibrahim said, adding that the amount received would be gradually increased to 1500 megawatts. He added that the total cost of the plant was KD 44 million including 4 transformers with an output of 750 megawatts and 43 cells with a capacity of 400 megawatts.


Abdullah Al-Kandari, Chairman of the Municipal Council’s Environmental Affairs Committee, stressed the need to establish a crisis-management apparatus. He also slammed what he described as ‘the government’s lack of seriousness in safeguarding the life of citizens’ as 10 governmental bodies had been invited to attend a meeting with the committee to discuss the issue.

Kandari gave an example of environmental disasters by the heavy rainfall of 1997 that claimed some lives because the sewage grid could not absorb the amount of rain. “We need to use early detection and warning systems such as the Hugo System,” he underlined. Meteorologist, Essa Ramadan stressed the need to establish a national crises management and early warning center to forecast weather changes and detect any radiation carried away with sandstorms.

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