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Bomb found at Bneid Al-Gar hotel; Fake shampoo seized
March 10, 2015, 8:47 am

Dai’ya police found a bomb inside a bag at a Bneid Al-Gar hotel. Police officers received a call about a bomb in the hotel warehouse, sources said. Explosive experts checked the bag and found materials suspected of being explosives. The hotel manager said the bag belonged to a guest who left it and did not yet claim it. The hotel is being combed to make sure it is free of any suspicious material.

Appeal on arrest on social media

Interior Ministry security information department said it is checking on the news over satellite channels and social media about the appeal of a citizen who alleged she was jailed in Salwa police station unfairly. The woman said a dispute over a parking spot in a hotel evolved to a verbal exchange, prompting the male citizen to complain to police, who called her in for questioning. The department said the woman was detained at the orders of the investigator based on the complaint of the citizen. It said the investigator released the citizen on the same day. The woman called her family to intervene and release her but she verbally insulted the police officer and the complainant. Investigations are still going on.

Fake shampoo seized

Inspection teams from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry have seized bogus shampoo during search of stores in local markets. Sheikh Nimer Fahad Al-Malek Al-Sabah, the assistant undersecretary, said yesterday that the teams found 2,000 packs of bogus shampoo in Al-Abdali and 400 others in the capital, confiscating the forged products. The name of the bogus shampoo was not released. Sheikh Nimer affirmed that such inspection missions would continue and warned violators of submission to the commercial prosecution.

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