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Bomb scare as MoI cautions again not to spread rumours
July 20, 2015, 10:44 am

When an unidentified Kuwaiti informed police that a booby-trapped was parked near a mosque at an unidentified location, police rushed to the site and found out it a hoax call, reports Al-Shahed daily. This happened when the citizen said he had received a text message from an unknown person. The message said the sender of the message was chosen by DAESH to be one of the mujahedeen and that he was instructed to park the booby-trapped car near a mosque. The message also said the receiver should not inform anyone or else he would lose everything.

Experts of explosives, police officers and State Security men hurried to the location, examined the car which was free of any explosives, and it became clear that the message is only a hoax with the aim of destabilizing security.

State Security officers conducted investigations and found out that the message was sent via a laptop computer from outside the country with the aim of destabilizing the security of the country. The Interior ministry has once again warned against spreading false rumors.

Source: Arab Times

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