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Bootleggers, ‘drifters’, illegals held in huge Jahra crackdown
January 31, 2015, 7:27 am

The Jahra police during an extensive security campaign in different areas of the governorate have arrested two Kuwaitis for bootlegging. They were caught at a late evening hour. The same police have also arrested 3 people for endangering the lives of others by reckless driving and making stunts with their cars.

They have also taken into custody a Kuwaiti who was wanted by law and had been sentenced in absentia for 10 years imprisonment and a woman to an unidentified prison term for committing financial offences. Both of them have been handed over to the Sentences Enforcement Department. In yet another incident, the same police have arrested an Asian for stealing construction material from building under construction.

During the same campaign 18 expatriates were arrested for violating residence law and issued 65 traffic citations for parking cars in ‘No Parking’ zones or parking spaces allotted for the physically disabled and impounded 15 cars for various reasons.

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