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Border worker arrested for stamping entry and exits on the passports of bedoun family
October 6, 2016, 8:49 am

Personnel from the border posts department have referred an unidentified employee working at the Salmi border post to the Public Prosecution for stamping entry and exits on the passports of a bedoun family of eight members, including his mother, to help a bedoun government employee and his relative receive family allowances.

According to available information the family of the bedoun left for Saudi Arabia and has returned for the past two years, but the bedoun Kuwait continued to receive allowances for the family members — his wife, mother and children —, in violation of the law which stipulates that the recipients of the government assistance should be present in Kuwait.

The source added when the bedoun was summoned for interrogation, he admitted to the charge and said his relative who works at the Salmi border post helped him stamping entry and exit stamps on the passports of his family members. The employee also has been arrested and referred to the authorities.

Source: Arab Times

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