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Brace up for sandstorms
June 7, 2015, 8:14 am

Al-Bawarih’ season is expected to start on Sunday in Kuwait and the Arabian Peninsula, says Khalid Al-Jamaan — an astronomer. According to Al- Jamaan, this season is known for the strong northerly and west northerly winds which usually lead to sandstorms. He explained the sandstorms that the country experienced recently signaled the beginning of the season.

He pointed out these winds usually reduce temperature during daytime because of the pending dust that lessens the intensity of sunrays. He added the astronomers divided this season into three periods — ‘Barih Al- Thoria’, ‘Barih Al-Jawzaa I’ and ‘Barih Al-Jawzaa II’ — and each period lasts for 13 days.

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