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Brawl at Avenues mall leads to free-for-all – 18 youths, security guards arrested
October 8, 2014, 10:55 pm
Many people were injured in a fight between security guards and some youths in the Avenues Mall.
Dozens of youths clashed with security guards at the Grand Avenues section of The Avenues mall Tuesday evening in one of the worst incidents of mall violence yet seen in Kuwait. Eighteen people, including several minors, were arrested after the melee. No serious injuries were reported.
“The arrested include seven Saudi nationals and four Kuwaitis – all from the same tribe. The security guards arrested include six Egyptians and one bedoon. Investigations are ongoing to determine the cause of the fight,” Head of Public Relations and Moral Guidance at the Ministry of Interior Brig Gen Adel Al-Hashash told Kuwait Times.
According to witnesses, the fight started when a security guard saw a teenager wearing brass knuckles, which is considered a weapon in Kuwait. The guard approached the youth and asked him and his friends to accompany him to the security office. The youth refused and started fighting with the guard. A free-for-all then ensued with several dozen youth involved or watching the clashes.
Security personnel later called ambulances after one of the youths was injured. The brother of the injured youth was also at the mall, and when he heard about the fracas, he went to the place of the fight with his friends and attacked the security guards, who defended themselves. The police were called and arrested all the participants of the fight.

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