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Brig Al-Haddad makes surprise inspection tour of Al-Nuwaiseeb border
April 12, 2015, 2:44 pm

Director General of Land Ports Affairs Brigadier Eyad Al-Haddad, along with his assistant Colonel Ali Al- Banai made a surprise inspection tour of Al-Nuwaiseeb border recently to inspect the work at the border checkpoint particularly the procedures followed for preventing the escape of outlaws and entry of subversive elements, reports a local daily quoting a security source.

He explained that some individuals who are wanted by law tried to leave the country after the automated system crashed due to the recent fire incident that occurred at the General Department for Information Services. However, border securitymen managed to catch them and prevent them from escaping.

The source affirmed that the ports use a particular alternative system to obtain information about the wanted persons when the automated system crashes. They revealed that all border securitymen and employees were working hard when the Brigadier Al-Haddad and Colonel Al-Banai surprised them with the tour.

Brigadier Al-Haddad praised their commitment and discipline, particularly under the current volatile conditions in the region.

Meanwhile, well-informed security sources disclosed that Ministry of Interior are preparing plans to deal with the major problems faced in the country and the pending files that represent a huge challenge for the ministerial sectors, securitymen and leaders particularly those who obtained the leadership positions recently.

These problems include the existence of about 105,000 violators of residency law in the country, open cases of about 30,000 crimes registered against unknown individuals in the last two years, and the increasing number of theft crimes particularly of vehicles, and robbery cases in different areas during the recent period.

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