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Brutal attack on Indian national at Abbassiya
July 28, 2015, 1:48 pm

With deep regret and grave concern, the organization Thanima wish to bring to the public's kind attention about a brutal attack on one of their members – Kattukallil George Mathew – Indian national holding (Civil ID Nr. 256072100202) by two goons, wearing national dress today at 00.30 hrs., at Abbassiya.

George Mathew is staying in a flat in the ground floor of a building in a thickly populated area of Abbassiya, very close to the Abbassiya Police station.  He was awakened by a heavy knocking on his door at midnight demanding that he open the door for the police, but sensing danger, he refused.  While the goons were still trying to get in, he frantically made a call to Kuwait Emergency (112), but the call was simply disconnected at the other end. 

By that time, the goons broke open the door, entered the flat and attacked George Mathew with a knife.  As he was injured and his cries for help were not answered by his neighbors or the building caretaker, he managed to get out of the flat, profusely bleeding, during the time the two men ransacked the flat, took away everything they could, including his phone, wallet containing civil ID, driving licence, bank cards etc., and vanished. (It was learnt that KD. 510/- was withdrawn from his bank account using his K-Net card on that night itself).

On learning about the incident, some of Thanima members rushed to the scene, took him to the Abbassiya Police station were the police asked them to go to the hospital and get medical papers.  He was subsequently treated at Farwaniya hospital and a case is being registered for which he still wait at the police station.

There were similar incidents in Abbassiya in the recent past and many have fallen victim to such vicious attacks. Yet, no serious actions are initiated by the concerned authorities who are meant to guarantee the public safety, and to contain such threats to life and property.  Thanima requests the Indian Embassy to immediately involve themselves in this issue and to take up the matter at a higher level and find a lasting solution before there are more terrible attacks. 


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