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Buildings inspected in Hawalli – Bachelor homes will not be allowed
May 19, 2016, 8:35 am

Director of Hawalli Municipality Engineer Falah Al-Shammari affirmed that the joint committee formed by Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Electricity and Water for buildings violating laws and accommodating bachelors or raising buildings illegitimately with the presence of debris, will hold a meeting Wednesday with the Director of Public Safety. Al-Shammari noted that anybody caught living in places other than the officially registered address will be given eviction notice immediately.

He said the officials went out to inspect buildings within the governorate on Tuesday for over three hours, in the company of member of the Municipal Council and Chairman of Hawalli Governorate Committee Riyadh Al-Rabe’e. He stated his office is always open to any citizen who has complaints or petitions, and that everybody is welcome on ‘problem solving visit’. He indicated the proposal to distance bachelors from residential areas by building special accommodations for them in places such as Amghara and Subhan is still with the National Assembly.

He continued that Wednesday’s inspection is to listen to observations from citizens at different locations, especially in the First Generation Diwaniya where officials will be listening to their problems, and then remove abandoned vehicles and clear debris within the governorate. He noted several petitions were received from residential and model buildings about converting some buildings to bachelor accommodation and running restaurants inside there. He indicated the rate of complaints about problems of bachelors is low in Mishref, while it is very high in Salmiya, Block 12 and Rumaithiya.

Source: Arab Times

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