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Bulldozers remove illegal structures
August 11, 2015, 8:15 am

Bulldozers are back to the estates to pull down illegal structures built on State property. The demolition operation started in Jabriya area where several parking shades have since been removed.

Kuwait Municipality reaffirmed its readiness to remove all illegal structures on public property and then sanction any person who repeats the violation.

In a statement, the Municipality made mention of the several complaints the sector received from residence of Jabriya estate regarding encroachments like parking shades that tend to create unnecessary blind spots, causing traffic jams and sometimes accidents.

According to the statement, the structures have been built without prior permission from concerned authorities. It warned people against erecting illegal structures on State property all over again after the demolition operation, indicating the Municipality will allow the law to take its course on violators.

Source: Arab Times

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