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Bureaucracy linked to hike in prices of fish
May 23, 2016, 8:45 am

The bureaucratic routine associated with basic procedures for obtaining authorization to import fish into the country has led to hike in prices of fish and low supply in the markets, especially due to delay in arrival of consignments and trucks returning to the source of import.

Officials from the companies that import fish urges the Fish Resources Department to break routine associated with the issuance of permits for importing fish, by reducing the duration from six months to three months. They also pleaded with government to increase the validity period of permits to three months instead of one month.

A source noted bureaucracy the importers face before they are able to obtain permits causes series of problems, including the cancellation of trucks that do not have permits to transport fish.

He also said importers are required to secure permit for each variety of fish; shrimps, tilapia, qubqub, salmon and others. They also obtain different permits for types of fish imported from different countries.

Source: Arab Times

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