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Businessman, 2 expats get 2 years jail for their role in $1.2 million fraud case
March 25, 2015, 8:54 am

The Misdemeanor Court, presided over by Judge Saud Al-Maimuni, sentenced a businessman and two expatriates to two years in prison with hard labor for involvement in a financial fraud case to the tune of $1.2 million.The court also ordered deportation of the expatriates after serving their sentence.

It also referred the case to a special civil court for further action. Case files indicate, the plaintiff ’s lawyer — Attorney AbdulMuhsin Al- Qattan — informed the court that one of the accused told his client about a lucrative investment opportunity, a water processing and desalination company in Switzerland.

His client decided to invest and after the negotiations, the accused introduced the investor to the two expatriates who claimed to be representatives of the company.

His client transferred $1.2 million to a bank account in Switzerland where one of the two expatriates transferred the money to a bank in Kuwait. Al-Qattan added his client later realized that he was conned and the company he invested in was a dummy while the Swiss bank had closed the account and fired the employee who opened it for the company.

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